• Get Creation date of any public github repository

    Note: This short article for my reference purpose. If you get help from it then welcome🙂😍. Sometimes we need to know some github public repositories identical information. Like creation date, last updating date etc. In that case, we can use{user_name}/{repo_name} Example: If you know any related information please share with me in the…

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  • WordPress Critical Errors: The Key Factors Behind That

    Disclaimer: This article is not intended as a guide for resolving WordPress critical errors. Rather, it aims to provide a thorough examination of the factors contributing to these errors. I just wrote this article while I’m studying about types of WordPress critical errors. Anyway, there is an awesome article to find solution of this kind…

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  • Use React In WordPress Admin Menu Page (Plugin Development)

    You can skip this part: It’s an evening and I’m writing this article. Next two days are my weekend. So, definitely I’ll go to sleep very late. Anyway, 2 days ago I’ve learnt how to use React in WordPress admin menu page and I want to keep it as a document here. So, surely you…

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  • 10 Most Common Questions & Answers About Design Pattern (implemented by PHP)

    10 Most Common Questions & Answers About Design Pattern (implemented by PHP)

    Introduction Most of the time for my learning I create simple note. This article is also one of my note for learning design pattern in PHP. To write this article I’ve taken help from a various websites and used natural language processing tools. So, let’s learn together🤓! Q1: What is the Singleton pattern? Explain its…

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  • Factory Design Pattern in PHP

    Factory Design Pattern in PHP

    The Factory design pattern is a creational pattern that provides an interface or a method for creating objects, encapsulating the object creation logic from the client code. This makes it easier to instantiate objects without having to know the exact details of how they are created. The Factory pattern is useful when the creation of…

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  • Array Manipulation in PHP

    Array Manipulation in PHP

    PHP array is a fundamental data structure used in web development. They can store multiple values and be manipulated in various ways using built-in functions like sorting, filtering, searching, and merging. By mastering array manipulation, developers can build efficient applications that can handle large data sets. Some example of array manipulation in PHP: 1. Array…

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  • Singleton Design Pattern in PHP

    Singleton Design Pattern in PHP

    The Singleton design pattern is a creational design pattern that allows you to ensure that a class has only one instance, while providing a global point of access to that instance. In PHP, you can implement the Singleton pattern by following these steps: Here’s an example implementation of the Singleton pattern in PHP: In this…

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  • WordPress Most Common Troubleshooting

    WordPress Most Common Troubleshooting

    In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most common WordPress troubleshooting techniques and how to resolve them. 404 Error Page Not Found A common issue that WordPress users often encounter is the 404 error page not found. This error occurs when a user tries to access a page that doesn’t exist on…

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